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HGBC is an allround construction company based in Amsterdam which is an expert in all aspects of construction or renovation projects. Our projects show as beautiful, sustainable and responsible. Our core business is doing complete renovations in the larger Amsterdam area, but we are also happy to help you with a bathroomkitchen, designs or permits and drawings.

Roof terrace


The HGBC team consists of a group of young but experienced people, with a background in construction, real estate or business management. On the construction site you will always find our professional craftsmen with great attention to detail so they can realise your dreams. We have been working with our known specialists for a long time now and maintain close relationships, so they know what level of expertise and results we always expect from them.



HGBC tries to think of things that improve your comfort such as a good sound insulating underlayment and an efficiently designed system of installations. We want to get the most out of your remodelling or renovation. This way we will reach for a ‘beautiful’ though ‘responsible’ result!


Renovating and remodeling is a profession. HGBC is a contractor that can execute all aspects of renovating for you. This means we have a lot of experience in A to Z construction projects. We like to think together with our customers about choices in materials, sizing, layout, and all other area’s and possibilities. We can help you with your wishes in plumbing, tiles, flooring and kitchens and lights. In the majority of client cases we deliver our projects turnkey which means your home or business is ready to enjoy when we leave.
But we do more than construction and design. We also advice and protect you against any unexpected things like woodworm, dry rot and asbestos for example, which can make purchasing a new home scary. We see it as our challenge to lift each property to a higher level. Have you ever considered low temperature heating (LTV) or sound insulating underlayments or walls? Another advantage is that these efforts result in a high(er) energy label. A very good indication of durability, comfort and energy costs in your home or property.


Good design and smart preparation, are a guarantee for success. HGBC likes to be involved from the start so it can advise you in the design and the desired layout up to materials and colors. Our people deliver all required drawings, including the electrical and lighting plans and request and provide all necessary permits.

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HGBC works with a multitude of construction professionals. From manufacturers to energy (label) experts, each party performs its task with expertise and experience. The preparation and coordination of requesting and understanding permits is complicated, but for our people it is a daily task. Requesting a permit is what we do, all day long, for many years.

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Your project begins by defining your wishes and needs. Besides those it is important to establish a budget. That way we can make realistic plans. Being clear about budget allows us to get the most out of your project, and give the best possible end result!

Proposal & Plan

Within the limits of your budget we will make a proposal and plan. You will receive a clear and understandable statement of work and costs. We will keep adjusting until you are happy so everything can be completed according to wishes and budget.


A good preparation is half the battle. This certainly applies to renovations. The start of a renovation means that questions regarding drawings, project description and products & materials will be answered. What follows is a flexible process wherein the scheduling will be done.


  • Rhynvis Feithstraat

    Rhynvis Feithstraat

    Complete renovation including plumbing, electrics, kitchen wall removal, luxury bathroom, kitchen and plaster (walls) and floors.

  • Overtoom


    Splittting / dividing the building in multiple apartments, a roof terrace and an ecological shop at street level. which was officially opened with a lot of press by alderman (wethouder) Marijke Vos.

  • Johannes Verhulststraat

    Johannes Verhulststraat

    Creating new rooms and spaces, an open kitchen, chique bathrooms and toilets and a beautiful luxury roof terrace.

  • Zocherstraat


    Merged an apartment and staircase, (connected) open living room & bedrooms. Electrics & plumbing were done, and a luxurious roof terrace with spa was realized.

  • Frans Halsstraat

    Frans Halsstraat

    We dug a new (concrete) basement (souterrain), demolished and rebuilt all current apartments above it within a new layout / floor plan. The project was done using state of the art ecological techniques and materials.

  • Lucerbertlaan


    Placed new main electric installations, renovated the bath(room), installed a new heating system (cv), and did some plaster and paint works.


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